What We Do

What we do

lifting the voices of children

Kids Matter’s message of lifting the voices of children experiencing divorce is powerful and will resonate with a large audience. Everyone knows someone who is divorced or is a child of divorce.

The organization will share its message across a nation-wide audience. It will serve to provide educational materials, resources, and actionable items with a goal supporting children and leading reform. The organization will provide value to its donors and subscribers by offering events that provide educational resources, pro se training, litigation strategy, and provide a sense of community.

The organization is committed to working collaboratively with child and family advocacy groups historically established to serve disenfranchised children and families.

Kids Matter champions restorative family counseling, education and legal practices that produce equitable co-parenting structures for children who deserve to have both parents actively engaged in their lives. 

The Kids Matter team is a highly skilled panel of experts devoted to fighting unjust family court systems that deny equal custody of divorcing or divorced parents, and providing the highest caliber of family counseling and education needed to ensure the creation of productive shared-parenting structures, and increase the likelihood of mentally, physically, socially and emotionally healthy children.

Kids Matter has developed exceptionally strong programs that:


To achieve its mission, Kids Matter is actively establishing funding sources, building a strong team of staff and board members, and increasing awareness and action in child and family advocacy spaces.

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