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Our Mission

Kids Matter is a movement advocating for 50/50 custody as a standard presumption

Our Vision

The Kids Matter vision is to ensure the emotional needs of children are protected in high conflict situations. 


Balance is a condition in which different elements are equal. Kids Matter seeks to find balance in the family court system and strives for presumed 50/50 custody. Both parents are of fundamental importance to a child’s life.


Fairness means impartial and just treatment. Kids Matter will fight for access to quality legal representation to ensure fairness in parental rights conflicts.


Compassion is concern for the suffering or misfortune of others. Divorce is a traumatic experience for all parties. Children often suffer the most. Kids Matter believes in compassion for the children and for the noncustodial parent.


Knowledge brings awareness and understanding. Kids Matter seeks to educate family courts, attorneys and parents benefit from education about the need for 50/50 parenting.

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