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Kids Matter is a nonprofit organization dedicated to giving the children of divorced parents a voice in the family court system. Kids Matter offers services for parents who are currently involved in an unjust divorced proceeding and provides resources for those who have gone through the family court system. 

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About us

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Kids Matter is a movement advocating for 50/50 custody as a standard presumption

About us

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The Kids Matter vision is to ensure the emotional needs of children are protected in high conflict situations. 

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These resources will help Kids Matter continue in its efforts to impact systemic change for
disenfranchised children and parents who deserve to experience equitable family court systems
that believe in co-parenting as an end goal.

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15 Sep


Kids Matter is a champion of children who deserve to have both parents play an active role in their life. The team at Kids Matter are devoted to fighting an unjust family court system that often denies equal custody of divorcing or divorced parents.