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Mark Fidelman

Mark Fidelman is the Director and founder of Kids Matter, a 501c3 that is dedicated to giving the children of divorced parents a voice. Stemming from his own experience in family courts, and the impact on his children, Mark founded Kids Matter to push for changes in family law to achieve 50/50 co-parenting. Mark is also the author of a forthcoming book on the family courts and 50/50 parenting. He has interviewed over 70 family court attorneys, judges, legislators, mothers, fathers and children of divorce to create a groundbreaking book on the changes needed in family law. Mark is also a widely recognized expert in digital marketing. He has also created a popular YouTube channel, podcast and Twitter profile – all totaling over 120,000 subscribers. Mark graduated from the University of San Francisco with a BA in Economics.

Board Member

Donald C. Hubin, PhD

Ohio, Chair of the National Parents Organization (NPO). Mr. Hubin is an American philosopher, specializing in ethics, legal philosophy and political philosophy.He has published research on justice and future generations, parental rights, paternity, instrumental rationality and benefit-cost analysis, among other topics.

Board Member

Melissa Isaak

Melissa L. Isaak founded the Isaak Law Firm to fight exclusively for therights of parents in family law.Prior to becoming an attorney, Melissa served in the U.S. Army as anactive duty soldier.
While on active duty, Melissa attended college as a full-time student andobtained her bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in psychology.

Board Member

Eric Carroll

Eric Carroll is the host of Dad Talk Today and founder of Dad Talk Studios LLC. Eric’s goal is to inspireand empower other parents who have been victims of the family courts and parental alienation.
Dad Talk started as a podcast in Sep of 2019 and almost oneb year to the date has gained a following of near 150,000 and it currently reaching anaudience of 21 million every 3 weeks. Eric has interviewedthe top professionals in parental alienation, paternity fraud, shared parenting, litigation and uses it to
educate parents while also educating key legislators at the same time.
Eric is the proud father to four beautiful little girls and stepdad of two children. He is married andcurrently resides in Ga. You can watch his show Dad Talk Today on over 20 different platforms andkeep up with his advocacy by visiting them at:

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